Tel (N)O Fun תל אופן Tel Aviv bike rental

>Tel (N)O Fun תל אופן Tel Aviv bike rental
Tel (N)O Fun תל אופן Tel Aviv bike rental 2012-07-26T11:53:49+00:00

During 2012-2011 a new bike rental service started working in the streets of Tel  Aviv called “Tel O fun”. The bike rental service allows you to rent bicycle per hour like most touristic countries in Europe.

תל אופן beach bike rental tel aviv

Renting bikes at Tel Aviv beach


Renting better and cheaper bikes for a whole day is possible in the small local bike shops :

In many cases the station indicates that there are available bikes to rent when there are none, and visa verse, the stations indicates no bikes are available when there are available bikes in the stations. Many users report on other technical failures like broken parts,hard time taking the bikes out of the station and even no option to adjust the sit.

Many times it is impossible to return bicycle to their docking stations because there are no available docking stations  , bike renters must go to another station to return the bike. In other cases you might find an empty station with no bikes available.

Shenkin 51 bike rental

  Local bike shop and bike rental in Tel Aviv


Per day: 14 NIS – 30 min free, over 30 min there is an extra fee depends on the distance.

Weekends: 20 NIS.

Per week: 60 NIS.

Per year: 280 NIS.







tel o fan in Rothschild

Renting tel o fan bicycle in Tel Aviv

No free stations