3 Years after Teder took over “Romano House” they decided it’s time to move on but not without living a legacy, just like the time before when Teder left Har Sinai and turned it into Port Said. Same Idea new menu (similar yet different) with “Romano”, like port said there is no phone to call and you can’t reserve a table, just come and hope to be able to eat while sitting on a chair and not on the stairs.

Our Salon Romano’s Experience

A bag of Chicken (שקית תרנגולת) is a bit of chicken with some leaves and bread that looks like chicken just for 49 ILS, this is the  bread and chicken ratio, 50/50?

שקית תרנגולת - תפריט מסעדת רומנו
50/50 should be called a bag of bread with some chicken

hugging the toilet at Romano

The fries were crunchy dry and flowery, the green beans were cold and sad, the creme fraiche tastes like 5% ski white cheese. the Chicken Shpachtel was good (It’s the one on top).


Romano’s Menu (changes frequently):

מסעדת רומנו תפריט
רומנו תפריט Menu

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Teder תדר 32.060704, 34.769801 Teder radio barSimtat Beit HaBad 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Directions)



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