Haachim (the brothers , Hebrew: “האחים”) is an authentic yet adapted Israeli restaurant. 
The restaurant, owned by the two brothers, offers a great tel avivian atmosphere with amazing food. the menu is combined from fresh vegetables tapas and a variety of meets on a coal grill. The alcohol menu is low priced, and the atmosphere is very loose and young.  Haachim is a fun and tasty Israeli restaurant, for the local tel avivian people as well as for visitors who want a taste of tel aviv, A fun visit.

Every year Tel Aviv Net visits Haachim on Independence day, for Israeli live music and BBQ

Haachim restaurant Tel Aviv Iben Gavirol

מסעדת האחים

Haachim restaurant – different vibe

האחים אבן גבירול מסעדת האחים אבן גבירול

This images were not taken with a mobile phone.. but it honestly still looks good without a lens.

האחים אבן גבירול האחים תל אביב

אחים יום העצמאות



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