“Black out” is a a restaurant in Jaffa port next to “na lagaat” (please touch) theater, the waiters are blind and you will eat in total darkness.

Blackout restaurant gives a unique experience of dark dining, there are specific hours you need to come and you join a group of other people that reserved tables for the same hour. The menu consists Cava drink when you arrive and wait until you get in , then you are being escorted by a blind waiter to your table while you are holding the waiters shoulders in total darkness, you will get rich bread and soft drinks with your starter dish, that will be followed by a main course with fish of vegan and will finish with a surprise desert, the aim of the surprise is to enhance the darkness experience and make your taste buds work overtime. and you will find very simple tasks even as finding your fork challenging. all meal will cost 160-180 NIS.

Blackout restaurant  - eat in total darkness

נא לגעת מסעדת חושך ביפו

מסעדת בלאקאאוט מלצרים חירשים שפת הסימנים

blackout בלאק אאוט מסעדת חושך




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