Bnie Brak steet , you might find your stolen bikes

Most of the bicycles  stolen from the streets of Tel Aviv find there way into the area of the old central bus station in south Tel Aviv, many of them reach to Bnei Brak corner of Neve Shaanan, where you can see them locked and might even try to buy them, or take them back without buying them, if you find your self in this situation we wish you good luck and remember to stay safe. Another area where you might find stolen bicycles  is around Yo’ezer street in Jaffa (not far from the watch tower).


How much will it cost to buy back my stolen bicycle?

Usually the price will be 200 ILS, however if you seem to the seller like a soft sucker or the specific bicycle is very expensive then the price might climb..

bicycles in Tel Aviv
bicycles in Tel Aviv beach – don’t leave them alone
Where you kin find stolen bikes in Jaffa
Where you kin find stolen bikes in Jaffa

Which areas bicycles  are stolen form?

In all of central + south Tel Aviv and Yaffo bicycles  are being stolen regularly, during the day and during the night, unfortunately there is no safe space outside for bicycles.

What kind of bicycles  are usually being stolen?

Bike thieves steal any kind of bicycles  they can get their hands on, electric, mountain, city, single speed, fixie (fixed gear) etc.

Will the police help me claiming back my stolen bicycle?

Don’t count on it, mostly it will be a waste of your time.



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