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The untold nature of Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene

In order to understand Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene (and understanding Tel Aviv in general) there are few factors you should know first. The size of Tel Aviv and Israel, The transportation in Tel Aviv and central Israel, & drinking culture and cost of living.

The size

Tel Aviv is a small city, just like Israel is a small country, just to compare Israel’s size is similar to New Jersey (approximately 8k mi).  So although Tel Aviv is the largest city in Israel, it is still a small city comparing to other major cities in the world like around the world like NYC, London, Paris etc. So when a local from Tel Aviv tells you “This bar is too far” he probably means this is more than a 30 minute drive.

The transportation

The public transportation in Israel is modern but not yet as developed as the public transportation in major European cities, moreover on the weekend (Friday evening till Saturday evening) there is no public transportation in most of the country (this originates from social religious aspects)  while the drinking and driving regulations are strict, clear and forced by the authorities.

Israeli drinking culture and cost of living

Unlike many European countries it’s not common to see Israelis in the afternoon going for a drink with mates from the office, also there not a lot of ‘wasted‘ drunks on the streets in the weekends the alcohol consumption is popular however the quantities are not in any way close to the average British, Scottish, Swede etc, Israelis drink less and there are few reasons for that and one of the reasons is the cost of living including the alcohol prices, a beer in most bars would cost more than a one hours pay in minimum wage (not including tips).

How all this effects the nightlife culture?

So size, transportation, drinking culture and cost of living in Tel Aviv creates a very specific environment for bars, clubs and even restaurants that creates Tel Aviv’s nightlife  to evolve. Most of these businesses are not surviving more than two years before closing down, yet the competition is high, and the drinking experience, the underground music, the dance and clubs are considered advanced and brings a unique concept bars, worldwide resident dj’s , new ground breaking musical sub-genres and new experiences every year.