Neverland Festival 20/21.9.13


Music touches parts of your body like nothing else can. Music is harmony, and when we are confronted harmony, at a glimpse, the mind & emotions start to get in the rhythm and change our perspective to a much more positive one, even thou the environment isn’t so harmonic. When it happens, everything just gets in order.A wise man said: “if you walk on the street and you can’t connect to what is around you just wear your earphones and press Play. Don’t have earphones? Start to sing. Can’t sing? Whistle. Can’t whistle? Buy earphones.

This extraordinary blind love is not always understood, but we still follow it blindly. This harmony is what gives us the power to break our boundaries, to feel truly free without compromise. This relationship is without conditions, and like always, we are ready to fill our part of the deal and serve you our next musical adventure.



Ready? Here we go! Groove Attack is happy to present to you “Neverland Festival 2013” We all remember what happened in 2012. The harmony and vibes still echoes in our body. This amazing experience pushed us this year to raise the bar much higher, and give you a full body & soul experience that will blow your mind away for days.

  • Two active stages
  • 24 hours of none stop live shows at an amazing open-air location.
  • Green and flourishing venue in the beautiful northern part of Israel.
  • Chaishop Zone – a place to chill out and unwind during the festival.
  • Comfortable camping zone and everything you need to experience the land of Never Neverland.
[schema type=”event” evtype=”Festival” name=”Neverland – Electronic Music, Trance Festival ” description=”Neverland – Electronic Music Festival by Groove attack” sdate=”2013-09-20″ edate=”2013-09-21″ country=”IL” ] [video_embed][/video_embed]    
Altruism | DJ Thatha (Nano Records / Brasil) – Live Set Ajja (Peak Records / Switzerland) – Live Atmos (Iboga Records / Sweden ) – Live Tristan (Nano Records / Uk) – Live Set Bliss (Nutek Records / Israel) – Live U-Recken (Tree Of Life / Israel) – Live Weiss Brothers (Wild Banch / Israel) – Live  
Groove Secret Chamber Stage
Sensient (Zenon Records / Australia) – Live Zoolog – (Parvati Records / Denmark) – Live Encephalopaticys (Parvati Records / Macedonia) – Live Messy Mass (Wildbro /Adapted Records Denmark) – Live Digital Twins – (Parvati Records / Israel) – Live Pick (Zenon Records / Israel) – Dj Set Psysex Aka Goblin (Egohunter Records / Israel) – Live Na-Ti (Zenon Records / Israel) – Dj Set Master Minded – (Fusion Culture / israel) – Live D-Wauw (Looney Moon Experiment / Israel)- Dj Set Silent B (Uroboros Records / Israel) – Dj Set KosTa (Groove Secret Chamber / Israel) – Dj Set Guy Zappa (Fusion Culture / LauLau / Israel)- Dj Set Muza Project – (Fusion Culture / Israel) – Live Kojo (Fusion Culture / LauLau / Israel)- Dj Set

Visual Projection:

– Deco By: Alon Deco – Sound System: Funktion-One Let us celebrate nature together by respecting it. For info, or requests, please e-mail us to: [email protected] Please keep visiting this facebook page for additional updates and event news. With Love & Respect Groove Attack Crew