Sunday 06-04.2014

Sunday at the Zone – Amiram Album Release Show מחר ב”איזור”! עמירם עיני – הופעת השקה לאלבום החדש

Sunday at the Zone - AmiraM Album Release Show מחר ב

Start time: 21:00:00
Location:The zone 13 Harechev st – האזור, הרכב  13
Amiram Eini live at the Zone, new album titled “undefined”
Monday 07-04-2014
Thursday 10-04-2014

Daniel Maloso (Comeme, Mexico) at the bootleg

NEWS & Bootleg Present: Daniel Maloso (Comeme, Mexico) - Thu. 10/4

Start time: 23:30:00
Entrance 50-70 nis
Bootleg – King George 48
Locals : Uriah, Red Axes
At the Bar: Jonathan Sharoni & Ofir Tucker , Amir Egozy

The Adicts !!! Live in Israel !!! 10/4/14 Barby TLV

The Adicts !!! Live in Israel !!! 10/4/14 Barby TLV

Start time: 20:30:00
Location: בארבי תל אביב, Barbi Tel Aviv
“The adicts” , punk band from the 80’s comes to Israel for the first time straight from England for one show.
Warm up band: “Useless Id”, “Not on tour”, “הפוסי של לוסי”
Friday 11-04-2014

Faith no more tribute by “Angel dust” at “Tmuna theater”

Angel Dust - מופע המחווה ל Faith No More חוזר!

Start time: 21:30:00
Location:תיאטרון תמונע, Tmuna theater
Tickets 45 , pre sale – 35 nis



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