“The streets” HaNevi’im 2 corner of King George street  ( הנביאים 2 פינת קינק ג’ורג ) is a   laptop friendly cafe. The streets is a little bit of everything, you can go there to work or study with a laptop, you can also go and drink coffee and you can even grab a beer. The streets has two floors the second floor is designed for people who want to come and study or work in quiet.

the streets cafe tel aviv

הסטריטס תל אביב

Street party at “the streets” 17.11.12 Saturday at 18:00 HaNevi’im 2 corner of King George street.

מסיבת רחוב שבת ב18:00 הנביאים 2 פינת קינק ג’ורג

מסיבת רחוב הנביאים 2 streets party haneviim



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