Hadar Avoda is closed

Hadar avoda חדר עבודה תל אביב

Come visit BYOC- bring-your-own-computer internet cafe/ full service business center- with a bunch of fun freebies on top. Hadar Avoda caters towards creating a convenient focused space for business travelers and local students and professionals

Step into the the cafe of the 21st century. We are the only ones of our kind which we have found. We just started in October 2012 and have already received amazing feedback and have been featured on Channel 2 [hyperlink this to a YouTube or something with your video, or to the bottom of the page where you include it, it doesn’t matter if it is in Hebrew because it is just to show credibility while not taking up space, not for comprehension], Israel’s number one TV news channel.

Hadar Avoda (חדר עבודה) is located in the heart of Tel Aviv center, near Rabin Square and Dizengoff Center!




Hadar Avoda offers:


  • 100MB Wifi
  • Print, fax, scan
  • Free buffet of light snacks, coffees and teas
  • Complimentary office supplies
  • Clean open work space, Air conditioning!
  • Computers for public use
  • Menu of salads, sandwiches etc.


Even More Cool Stuff!


  • Professional transcription and English/Hebrew translation
  • Second hand bookstore also with good prices
  • Art gallery through partnership with local artists


Cafe Menu

16 to 30₪

Soft drinks and fresh squeezed juices, special beverages (reverse shot of espresso / long / double macchiato, Americano, Sokoflt, Miracle on milk, iced coffee, etc.), salads and sandwiches, healthy desserts (Medjool palm filled walnut dip with tahini ), corruption desserts (pastries, muffins, brownies).

How to Get Here!

Address: 105 King George Tel Aviv, Tel: 053-7208885



Why is Hadar Avoda better than coffee shops?

Hadar Avoda’s 100MB wifi is lightning fast compared to the 1-10MB found at most coffee shops. Most shops with free wifi in Tel Aviv also kick your IP address off the internet after an hour. Also, previously a fashion designer’s boutique, our space is designed to promote focused creative thinking.

You can rent our entire space!

Need to have a meeting in a large space conducive to creativity and focus. Hadar Avoda is your #1 satellite meeting room. We can hold up to 30 people, and provide a projection screen in addition to all the usual freebies. Pricing depends on availability and other detail on timing.

Noise Policy

During working hours there is no talking and the space is silent besides some light classical music of a style which has been shown to increase productivity. If you would like headphones we can provide this for free. All phone calls are made in the outdoor cafe.

Great Pricing

By Hour- 1st hour- 15₪; 2nd to 4th hour-10₪; 5th hour to whole day- 59₪ total



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