B-Side Stereo, Coffee & Records

As the vinyl records culture continues to grow in Tel Aviv, there are more and more hybrid places that combines music, coffee and records like Auerbach records also “B-Side Stereo” in Florentine has a similar concept, you can just go for coffee and listen to records, just don’t forget to buy your vintage record player if […]

Auerbach records אוארבך בר

Take a bike shop and turn it into a Vinyl record playing bar shop and you get “Auerbach records”, formally known as “Gordon Bennett” bike shop the pioneering Fixie culture in Tel Aviv, now you wont be able to get your flat tire fixed but you can buy a 2nd hand record and a beer. And if you […]

Salon Romano סלון רומנו

3 Years after Teder took over “Romano House” they decided it’s time to move on but not without living a legacy, just like the time before when Teder left Har Sinai and turned it into Port Said. Same Idea new menu (similar yet different) with “Romano”, like port said there is no phone to call and […]