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Teder 2016 is opening at 30.7.2016 back in Beit Romano.

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In the summer of 2015 Teder is moving even more that usual, and will change locations every ten days. so stay tuned for updates. Teder Fm is  a radio station and a bar that pop’s up on the Air every summer for 120 days, Teder attempts to provide an musical and cultural alternative to main stream commercialized radio stations. Take a picture with your 90210 childhood stars (located strategically next to the toilet).

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Teder תדר 32.060704, 34.769801 Teder radio barSimtat Beit HaBad 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Directions)

Teder opens every evening from 21:00

This is Teder at Bet Romano 2014

teder 2016

תדר תל אביב 2013 teder-live-bands

The van will be moving to new locations in Tel Aviv every few weeks.


תדר תל אביב 2014 תדר שירותים בוורלי הילס

Located on Beit romano, Derech Yaffo 9