TEDER FM is a pop-up radio station and bar in Tel-Aviv.   it was founded back in 2010, when two groups of Tel-Aviv night life’s culture (TABAC + Hargol)  have decided to bring to us something new and fresh which it has never experienced before.  The concept of TEDER radio bar, is live broadcasting from the bar for 2 month only, during the Israeli summer- when good drinks and good music become the only combination that can help you survive the heat.  TEDER  was an immediate success. Hundreds of people are visiting the bar every day, and thousands of people are listening to the live broadcasting from their homes.  (in 2011  TEDER team has created an application for iPhone, especially for heavy listeners).  During 2012 , TEDER radio bar will open ONLY for 2 months between August and September.

TEDER FM has moved to a new location  at Rothschild  7, the entrance is from Ehad Ha’am 9 behaind “institut francais” next to Pronto restaurant. Plus, this year, TEDER FM will open another branch in Tokyo, which will broadcast live simultaneous with TEDER FM in Tel-Aviv.

Teder 3 opening הפתיחה של התדר
Teder 3 opening – Picture taken by Paz davidovich


Teder pop up Radio pre opening תדר טרום פתיחה