New cocktail bar in town is taking you to a whole new level of experience! SPICEHAUS (ספייס האוס) is a bar with a new concept “cocktail bar pharmacy” and a new menu, It seems that there are more and more openings of concept cocktail bars in Tel Aviv like Moonshine and Bellboy. The sign isn’t actually say “Spicehaus” outside so look for “The east Jaffa perfume company”.

The early 20th century design is the coolest thing about the SPICEHAUS, and the bartenders that dresses like a pharmacists. The cocktails serve in a potion bottles in three sizes (S/M/L), not really cheap but really worth it (You can share the L size with your friends). We admire the fact that they thought about every little detail in this place; the music, the skeleton next to the entrance door and the voice of some British writer that you can hear talks the bathroom. (Let us know if you recognize who he is). The SPICEHAUS is definitely a place we will go back to. Cocktails we tried: San Francisco (Gin, dry vermouth, sauvignon, Strawberries, Lavender honey.), and Istanbul (Gin, Lychee,Alovera, Rose tea, Oleo Saccha rum and Fizzy water).

The skeleton that is placed to the bar inside reminds me the biology lab in elementary school, and in the bathroom all the walls are decorated with hand written calculations and formulas, you can see that they thought about all the small design details very carefully.

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Spicehaus bar Cocktails Tel Aviv Dizengoff
San Francisco – Spicehaus bar Cocktail

ספייס האוס

The Spicehaus Menu and concept, the cocktails menu prices are determined by the drink size, small medium or large (46,128 or 238), Small is good for one person, Medium is good for 2-3 people, and large.. well it depends what kind of people.

Spicehaus Alcoholic Drinks menu:

ספייס האוס תפריט

Spicehaus Food menu:

Spicehaus Tel Aviv menu

Cocktail bars in Tel Aviv - Spicehaus ספייס האוס

Bras on the window.. did you get it?

The east Jaffa perfume Company בר ספייס האוס

ספייס האוס בר דיזינגוף

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