Moonshine bar מונשיין בר לילינבלוםWe’ve discovered Moonshine when a little bird whispered in our ear that a new underground cocktail bar was opened inside a restaurant. Inspired by the Prohibition days in the 1920’s. When we say secret underground, we really mean it, in order to get in the bar you first need to get in to “Mitbach Laila” (מטבח לילה), it’s a restaurant located on Lillinblum street, & inside the restaurant there is a hidden black  door in back that takes you to the basement where Moonshine bar is. The name Moonshine was given because in the prohibition days manufacturing Alcohol illegally was called “Moonshine ” & the menu was created in that fashion also. you can find interesting cocktails like “Tennessee B” (corn Moonshine, Honey Jack Daniels, black Raspberry and Maple syrup. Or  “New Orleans” (Honey Ginger Moonshine, Courvoisier, Sour Mix and Mint).

The prices for  cocktails are around 45-50 NIS, which is pretty similar to the prices in the other  Cocktail bars in Tel Aviv that provide a very good drinking experience, “regular bars” might be slightly more affordable but we believe that you also pay for the  general drinking experience. You’d probably want to reserve a place because Moonshine is not a big bar, and it’s gets full quickly, twenty people will make the places full.

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MoonShine מונשיין 32.062580, 34.773117 MoonShine barLilienblum Street 43, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Directions)

New Orleans cocktail - Moonshine bar Tel Aviv

Tennessee B Moon shine cocktail bar Tel Aviv

The Moonshine cocktail menu:Moonshine bar Tel Aviv cocktail menu

מונשיין בר תפריט

Moonshine בר מונשיין

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