Kuli Alma (כולי עלמא) was opened in the center of Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene and is related to other bars like Radio EPGB and Shpagat,  you need to know where the place is, cause you probably wont run in to it by accident. Kuli Alma has inside bar and outside bar, inside there usually a DJ playing and outside it’s a bit more quite and perfect for sitting for a beer with friends, or standing really close to one another.  Kuli Alma’s wall are decorated with graffiti and other visual art that helps define the bar’s atmosphere along with the electronic, dub step  funk , jazz, hip hop music played in there,  unlike Teder radio bar, Kuli Alma is open all year long and it doesn’t have a radio station but still both places are an alternative musical cultural centers.

Kuli Alma video art Kuli Alma bar Tel Aviv

kuli-alma-bar Kuli Alma bar

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The indoor bar, a bit crowded to really dance the night away.

Kuli Alma bar (כולי עלמא) “All the world” Arabic translation, you can also check Kuli Alma’s Soundcloud:


Did we say Kuli has visual art? well careful not to   drift into the looping videos, you wont be the only one. The bathroom experience is always nicer together, just watch out when you high five your friend while pissing.

kuli-alma  Kuli Alma night life

Still didn’t see anyone playing in the video games, does it work?

Visual aids like video arts are updating constantly at Kuli Alma

Kuli alma Mikve Israel 10 Tel Aviv Kuli Alma toilet

“Kuli alma” Mikve Israel 10 Tel Aviv – Entrance,

כולי עלמא ברKuli Alma bar outside

Kuli Alma video art (כולי עלמא בר)




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