Ismi-salma-animated-gif“Ismi Salma” (Translated from Arabic: “my name is Salma”) is a north African style bar designed by the architects Paritzki Liani to give you a feeling of a mix between a modern city bar with a Mediterranean feeling, but don’t be so sure you’ll get an authentic experience with belly dancers and the smell of Shihsa in the air, the menu also has dishes like Hummus Fish, Arak, and wine in really small glasses. Ismi salma is located in front of Piazza wine bar on Dizengoff 99, you can also walk three minutes towards Dizi center and visit Bar Giyora, which is a nice alternative that in many nights will include a live performance in the underground bar, the top floor is more quite if you go to a date.



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Ismi Salma איסמי סלמה 32.079058, 34.774106 Ismi Salma barEster ha-Malka Street 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Directions)

Tel Aviv Bar ismi Salma

אסתר המלכה 2 תל אביב - איסמי סלמה בר Ismi Salma bar Dizengoff Tel aviv

Ismi Salma tiolet Ismi Salma Tel Aviv

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Ismi salma bar, free style groove and electro music, with cocktails. st , 2nd floor



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