Transportation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not a big city, actually comparing to big cities around the world it’s pretty small, however it doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to get around, if you compare it to London England you can see that London is 12 times bigger than Tel Aviv:
London England: 94525 square miles.
Tel Aviv Israel: 7992 square miles.
So Tel Aviv is not so big and getting around in the center can usually be done by walking, the comfortable climate makes it easy, it doesn’t rain much and it’s hardly getting less than 10 CC in the winter, the summer is hot and humid but short walks are no problem.

Tel Aviv beach


Sherut taxi מונית שירות קו 4

cabs are the easy and expensive alternative, it’s not hard to catch one if you stand in the main streets, You can also order by phone and it usually would take no longer than 15 minutes till you have a taxi driver waiting to you. if you need to get around Tel Aviv the prices should stay around 20 – 30 NIS for 15 approximately minutes, and you can always ask for a meter instead or a fixed price from the start.







Rent a bike
Tel O fun rent a bikeNow it is easier than ever to rent bicycle in Tel Aviv, there are 150 stations where you can pay with credit to rent a bike, only for 14 NIS per day (limited for 30 minutes, you can return the bike and take them again in the same day for no additional charge).
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Central Train station

Tel Aviv Train station