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El Vecino bar Tel Aviv

“El Vacino” (אל וסינו) in Spanish means “the neighbor” which was the name of the place in Hebrew “Hashachen” (השכן) just a year ego. It seems that the owners grow up and so did the bar, the old bar Hashachen was a local beer and music place, and now El Vecino is more down tempo laid back atmosphere wine bar, not exactly the best options if you’re looking for a loud pick up bar. El Vecino has it’s own Wine celler down stairs where you can go and choose the wine you wish to drink tonight. Read more

       אל וסינו 
Waffle bar menu Tel Aviv

We must admit that the Waffle bar on Ibn gavirol is a fun experience that we didn’t expect, the menu is not your classical Israeli breakfast and eggs or pasta with chicken, it’s Belgian waffles, French Crepe, banana and vanilla ice cream, sweet crepes, salty crepes, toasted laffa wraps, sweet salads, fondu, Yogurt, milkshakes and even shakshuka, it’s the Disney land of restaurants in Tel Aviv.
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HaMiznon המזנון

Hamiznon (המזנון) by Eyal Shani brings you “Gourmet” in a pita, well it’s a refreshing idea to but a burger in a pita and it works great. Hamiznon (the buffet) serves food in a typical Israeli way – inside a pita, you can get kebab, chicken, chicken liver and burgers. and for 5 Shekel you can drink Gazoz. Shani already brought a similar concept in port said on Allenby street but Hamiznon is the first time he focuses his food in pita.

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