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ג'חנון מול הים, תל אביב

We stumbled upon The secret Jachnun (ג’חנון מול הים) by accident on a cloudy Saturday morning and we felt like we discovered some kind of underground secret stash of baby unicorns in the middle of Tel Aviv, basically it’s a place where they do Jachnun delivery, but you can also sit and eat there, but first you need to find it which is not a trivial task in this case.

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Imperial cocktail bar Tel Aviv

Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, but for a good cocktail takes time.  Imperial cocktail bar is a small and fancy bar inside the Imperial hotel, slimier to 223 bar, bellboy and  Aria bar . the bar tenders take their job very seriously and take their time making them cocktails. Imperial is great for a “mad man” like date. Read more

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