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Shahvani dating شهوانی


Persian vines, Tehran liberation dokhtar irani zan

I dream that one day I could come model in Tehran,    کسهاي تهران   دختران تهران Share


Dastan is watching from Kabul

Kabul is hosting a peace meeting . I want to say on behalf of all Read more


The nurse from Pakistan dastan پاکستان میں لڑکیوں

I am an ambitious woman looking for for a handsome, ambitious and responsible man.   Read more

The Persian story داستان فارسی

Returning to Free educated and liberated Iran is a childhood dream of many Iranians from all over the world that left their country in the 80's Read more


شهوانی چت

Chat with Shahvani Iranians all over the world, Chatting with Iranians from all over the world, talk with other Iranians with your Facebook profile or just log in  anonymously, meet, date, just talk about peace and share thoughts and become friends, Tel Aviv Loves Tehran lets you connect and get to know other Iranians from all America, Europe and the middle east.

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Image uploadعکسهای خود را در سایت قرار دهیمTehran kos chat Mashhad chat Isfahan chat

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