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Moon Sushi on Bugrashov st מון סושי

Moon Sushi restaurant is one of the more famous sushi places in Tel Aviv, normally  you’d find Moon in a full capacity, the sushi it self is pretty good, but don’t come hungry,  service and the sushi takes a lot of time.

Sushi-tlv-moon-Bugrashov Moon sushi tlv menu


The visual aspect is getting a lot of attention also

מון סושי בוגרשוב תל אביב

סושי סשימי מון תל אביב



Moon מון
Sushi restaurant
Bugrashov 58
Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-6291155

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Moon Sushi on Bugrashov st מון סושי, 5.6 out of based on 2 ratings
       moon sushi tel aviv 
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