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Otto Dizengoff 302 אוטו דיזינגוף

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All you can Drink Thursday & Friday for 85 NIS

85 nis bracelete for the brave! Finlandia, goldstar, martini bianco, Fidge, Gin, Beccardi, white wine, red wine, lambrusco. 120 nis bracelete for the mentally insane: Gray goose, Heineken,  bushmils , Jack daniel, Jin Bombai, Southern comfort, Drumbui and Gevurtz unlimited!

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אוטו דיזנגוף
302 דיזנגוף
Tel Aviv

GD Star Rating
Otto 302 אוטו דיזינגוף, 3.6 out of 6 based on 7 ratings
  •  אוטו בר דיזינגוף
  •  בר צמידים בתל אביב

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