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Jimmy Who? bar Rothschild blvd Tel Aviv ג’ימי הו – רוטשילד תל אביב

Jimmy who Rothschild 24 ג׳ימי הו

“Jimmy who?” a bar- mini club in Rothschild 24 st’ is an extraordinary breathtaking mix of music, visual art, live shows and drinks.

This semi off-mainstream  bar was built on ruins of the historic nightclub “Jimmy Rothschild”, a fact that gives the “Jimmy Who?”

his charm; the dark light fittings, long wooden bar, vintage round tables and the old big iron chair in the toilet (just don’t think you’re idea for a selfie on it is really original)

The “Jimmy Who?” will defiantly keep you busy during the week:
Sunday nights called “Blues & booz”. If you are a musician, you invite to bring your instruments and take a part in jam session. Cool atmosphere and great music to sit and listen to. Monday nights are verity of different parties from gay night to disco nights. Tuesdays are all goodies; funk, disco, deep house, mirrors balls and voices of independents women for your soul. Wednesday nights are dedicated to Israeli music and artists. Thursday and Friday are THE best days- “Jimmy Party Time “and “Friday Bash”, two nights that will make you dance till the early hours of the morning. Last day of the week- Saturday is the cherry on the cream, “Black Shabess” is an old school hip hop party, just grab a beer and move your body.  Alcohol isn’t very cheap, it will keep you dancing and poor (or dancing poorly).

Beside the music, there are small art exhibition once in a while. Everything is happens in the “Jimmy Who?”, just come on over.

Entrance: free.

The bar

 Jimmy who ג'ימי הו רוטשילד 24
Jimmy Who ? ג'ימי הו
Address: 24 Rothschild BLVD, Tel Aviv,IL
Phone טלפון
  • Accepts Credit card
  • Indoor Seating
  • Free entrance
  • Live music
  • Events
  • Reservations
  • No Access for disabled
  • Parking on the street
  • Loud Music
  • Minimum age
  • Pizza
  • Something next to the drinks
Sun-Sat 07:00 pm – 4:00 am, רוטשילד 24 תל אביב, IL 66882

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Jimmy who ג\'ימי הו 32.063077, 34.771896 Jimmy who bar
A great mix of music, visual art, live shows and drinks  right here in Tel Aviv, called “Jimmy Who?”  (Hebrew: ג’ימי הו) the design is undoubtedly something different in    the Tel Aviv bar scene,The Jimmy staff brings Tel Aviv a bar also at Rothschild blvd, only 5 minute walk from the “Jimmy who” the new bar is called Polly  (in Hebrew פולי).

Jimmy who Monday party ג'ימי הו ימי שני ג׳ימי הו Jimmy who bar

 רוטשילד 24 | The entrance to “Jimmy who” is from Rothschild blvd 24

הכניסה לג׳ימי הו

Jimmy who? Jimmy who Purim


       גימי הו   ג\ימי הו 
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