Beer drop (ביר דרופ) is a new low price concept bar on Iben Gavirol st , it’s not 5 shekel bar like Cofix, but a 10 shekel bar which is still considerably cheaper then most bars,  most of the alcohol and food menu costs only 10 shekels, there are no waiters, beer drop has self service , which I guess helps them keeping the price low. in general you might say that the regular crowd is a bit young (early 20’s), but the 10 Shekel concept should appeal to all ages.

    Beer drop bar tel aviv

    The 10 Shekel menu includes:

    • Beer: Goldstar, Goldstar unfiltered , Maccabi, new castel, paulaner and Shendi.
    • Wine: Cabernet, Emerald resealing, Gewurztraminer, Cava.
    • Chasers: Jameson, Taquila, Arak, Absolute vodka, Gin beefeter.
    • Food: Pizza, Pretzels, pop corn, Empanadas, munchies, Adamame.


    Beer drop’s Menu:
    ביר דרופ תפריט Beer drop bar

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