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Pasáž bar Allenby פסאז’ בר 94

הפסג' אלנבי 94 - PasážIf you like to be part of the underground TLV scene, you should definitely visit the Pasaz.
Like it’s name, the Pasaz (Passage) is a hall divided to dance floor, bar area and scattered seating areas. The dark bar on Allenby st’ is more like a mini club that offers lots of different and cool events. During the week you can enjoy local bands shows, live sets and art exhibitions. Weekends are party time, usually based on pop, indie and alternative music. Food is delicious, small dishes but really worth it and cheap alcohol (nice cocktails).
The combination of good music, tasty food and colorful crowd really gives an atmosphere of TLV nightlife.

Entrance fee: depends on the event but usually not more than 50 nis.

Mix Radio EPGB and ex Nylon bar and you get the Pasaz

Pasáž bar
Address: 94 Allenby st, Tel Aviv,IL
Phone טלפון
  • Accepts Credit card
  • Indoor Seating
  • Smoking area
  • Non Kosher
  • No Access for disabled
  • Entrance fee
  • No Reservations
  • Loud Music
  • Minimum age
  • Something next to the drinks
Something good
A lot of live perforemnces

Something bad
Emo Kids that want to commit suicide

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Pasaz\' bar פאסג 32.066320, 34.771751 Pasaz bar

Trashy 80’s parties.

Pasaz Tel Aviv club

pasaz-club pasaz-toilet פסאז' שירותים

The toilet experience in the pasaz,In the weekend you’ll find DJ’s that will rock the Pasáž

passaj Pasáž bar הפסאז



       פסאז אלנבי   pasaz tel aviv 
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