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The Persian story داستان فارسی

دانلود سكس ايران - داستان سکسی

داستان های کوتاه - داستان سکسی

Returning to Free educated and liberated Iran is a childhood dream of many Iranians from all over the world that left their country in the 80’s. I was born in Tel Aviv, my family is from Tehran, they left Iran at the revolution time, and since then could never go back,all my life i lived in “Iranian small island” my parents made from there new home in the middle of Tel Aviv (the music, the movies, the language the accent, the carpets!!!). Today I’m living since 3 years in Istanbul,Turkey. i’m a singer here, i have a band, our name is “Light in Babylon”. people ask me all the “where are you from???” i always say “Iran and Israel!” and the people…always smile. I meet many Iranians here in Istanbul, they told me that today,women are not allowed to sing freely in Iran. where ever we performed i tell about my dream. one day,i will go there, and i will sing, in Hebrew, in the heart of Tehran. We have one song call “the women of Tehran”.



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Dokhtar lokht irani

Dreaming of blue and free sky – دختر بلوند سکسی

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Aks kos lokht Ironi, Secret Persian parties

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DOB: 11/03/1993

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