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Love my Persian Girlfriend

Born & raised in Shiraz! I spent my summers as a youth with my extended family and relatives in Tehran, and feel very close to my large family. секси ирони -سکسی

I’d say that I’m usually pretty fun and outgoing soul but that’s not to say I’m just spontaneous!  I can suddenly laugh out of nowhere, at times I’m sarcastic  (but not too much!) and I’m not afraid to fool around! I’m comfortable with who I have become  &  I’m proud of my accomplishments thus far! My family are the power that recharges my battery and I spend a lot of time on making them happy and tight! I do love the outdoors, working out and cross-fit training. (Giants, Pacers, Warriors) in the last year I tried to keep touch with my Iranian friends as much as I could, but it’s not always easy,  still I’m  trying to maintain a healthy while my heart is with the children of Cyrus.

Love my Persian girlfriend


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salam be hame donbale ye khanoom bive vase dosti ya sighe hastm 09350670484

09303637711in shomarame bezang zarar nemikoni


یه دختر خوشگل میخوام برای سکس
اینم شمارمه 09373110473

kheli kos mikho chafti namusan!!!!!!!!!

09122505565 ali hal kardam shomaramo bedam bebinam ghesmat chiye ;)

salam.ye dokhtare mekham vase ezdevaj.09390095703

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