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Love my Persian Girlfriend سکسی ایرانی


секси ирони -سکسی

Born & raised in Shiraz! I spent my summers with my extended family & relatives in Tehran, and feel very close to my large family. I’d say that I’m usually pretty fun and outgoing soul but that’s not to say I’m just spontaneous!  I can suddenly laugh out of nowhere, at times I’m sarcastic  (but not too much!) and I’m not afraid to fool around! I’m comfortable with who I have become  &  I’m proud of my accomplishments thus far! My family are the power that recharges my battery and I spend a lot of time on making them happy and tight! I do love the outdoors, working out and cross-fit training. (Giants, Pacers, Warriors) in the last year I tried to keep touch with my Iranian friends as much as I could, but it’s not always easy,  still I’m  trying to maintain a healthy while my heart is with the children of Cyrus.

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