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Dastan is watching from Kabul

Kabul is hosting a peace meeting . I want to say on behalf of all Kurdish citizens that we love Israel, Iran, Syria, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, China and Russia. You are welcome in my country. We love and adore you all very very much. We want to get to know your people closely. We want to become friends with each of your people individually. We want to share happy moments and enjoy delicious food together with you. We want to dance together with you in happy music. We want to be best friends with you.


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DOB: 05/09/1989

We open our arms to you.

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salam biya dokhtarjoon

salam,,ye dokhtar ya zan az mazandaran{amol,mahmodabad,babolsar}. kasi hast

slmmmmmmmmmm khob hastin

سید و گرم مزاج


سلام يه خانم از مشهد براي دوستي09386969304

The nurse from Pakistan dastan پاکستان میں لڑکیوں

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