Experience Tel-Aviv from a local point of view.

Lobnani Dokhtar zan kos kardan داستان عاشقانه

Bikini model
Bikini girl - شلوار شنا سکسی

I’m a city girl, with a love for the country–easily lured by a good road trip (the remnants of route 66 are incomparable), far off places (a few countries a year) nearby adventures.

Lobnani aks داستان عاشقانه

a day trip to DIA Beacon, let alone a subway ride to an unknown romantic neighborhood, can make you feel a world away), the mountains (I’ve been skiing since I learned to walk; summers are for hiking, and the ocean, the ocean, the ocean. The ability to be in the middle of nowhere is vastly underrated, a good expanse of grass in a sufficiently isolated location is heaven .I’ve got a thing for objects with a story, simple beautiful design, Turkey (the country), the Wordsworth House, maps, a well-crafted op-ed, Bruno Munari, tools, eating at the bar, cameras, This American Life, typography, dinner parties (cooked with friends in an open, raucous kitchen, consumed over drunken debate), foraging in flea markets, a good coffee kick, snowed in cabins, and some serious guilty pleasures – which run the gamut and are, by definition, not for public consumption. Museums are like casinos for me, I lose all sense of time, and occasionally place. I can be totally consumed by an exhibition, though it is not rare for me to miss one I really wanted to see. I would love to have a house in the country with a studio in the backyard someday, though I am not an Artist with a capital A.
داستان سکس
       beeg kos   ايرانيات بالمايوه 
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من یک مرد 40ساله ام ودنبال یه خانم واسه دوستی هستم اگر کسی تمایل دارد لطفا پیام بزارید ویا خانمی حاضر باشه یک بچه واسم بیاره من هم جبران خواهم کرد. ضمنا اگر کسی نوزادی بدون سرپرست داره ونمیخوادش من میتونم سرپرستی اش را بعهده بگیرم کاملا جدی هستم چنانچه کسی تمایل داشت ایمیل یا شماره و پیام بذاره تا ایمیل یا شماره براش بفرستم . .

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salam be hame baradaran jaghi khobi

No sex or kids in my modeling career

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