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I dream that one day I could come model in Tehran,

Dokhtar-joon-TehranVisiting Iran is very important to me, I’m so attached to the people and feel close like a real Farsi, it will be a dream coming true.  I’m warm, loving, sensitive and I love to party. I love the sea and the sun and the place I live in because it fits me right, but my dream is to live overseas at least for a couple of years. I want to learn more about other cultures then mine and want other cultures to know mine. Salam, Peace and Kiss. 

Persian vines

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Ino niga torokhoda :))) ... .See Less

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Midam man??!
Na baba man nemidamina chie baba in khanandea mikhonankhejalatam nemikeshan
#hamidsefat #bakhshesh
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چرا آخه؟!؟! :))))
بچه هاي تيم تحقيقات هنوز دنباله ساقيِ اين برادرِ عزيزمونن!! خخخخخ :))))))))))
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