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In school I met a sweet guy from Iran and my best friend has wonderful relatives in Israel I know, my roots are german, my family came from Poland years ago.

I send my love to all countries in the world, especially to Israel, iran and Syria

Alexandre Goncalves

Im Portuguese, live in Poland and im very happy to say to all the people of Iran and Israel that I love you. :):)

we will do it this time!! this will be the movement that changes the world, the one all of the past movements have been paving the way for…this time we will take it all the way!

spread love, love will conquer all…

Yukimasa Osanai

It’s very wounderful thing!
I love you!

The government of all nations are corrupt but the Jewish people send this <3 to our Brothers and sisters

hi I am from Iran…
Sorry my English is not good…
I am crying when see and listen about war…about neuclear bomb… we all human…we love humans…why leaders want a global war?
we can show them we realy don’t want war…Israel people is like our sisters and brothers…our family.

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Hi Everybody, I'm from switzerland, and i'm a young israeli.