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Ready to love – Tiam

Hi, my name is Tiam, I live in Germany, but my roots are from Iran.
I hate to see my home country in a situation like that, because in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to, but the way they treat their nation,a part of my identity, it can just get worse. I hope it’ll get better soon!
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salam.dost daram ba ye khanom dost sham.ok

kos poli khanomi hast pm plz shahram 35 saleh 09370752053

سلام کسی هست بامن باشه همه جوره09197391763

man taze varedam age khanomi baraye dosti banana hazere be man bege va motmaen bashe ke zarar nemikone


سلام یه چندتا عکس سکسی برام بفرست

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