Tel Aviv loves Tehran


Germany loves Israel and Iran – Yare dabestaniye man

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  • aks kos arezo

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  1. Azadi says:

    You made me cry, too. This song reminds me of my childhood, I remember my parents singing it with their friends.
    I really hope that there won´t be a war, although the signs that indicate towards it are increasing. As for my bit, I know people who have been to Israel recently and have family and friends in Iran. And I haven´t heard of a single person who supports this war.

    Viele Grüße aus Hannover

  2. Irene Hahn says:

    Sagenhaft! Great!

  3. ozlem celik says:

    i just cried, cried and cried.
    thank you my beautiful buddy from germany.
    i love and love and love you and your both german and french grandfathers. there’s a pine forest between a village called le rives and roqueredonde in southern france i saw last year, i want to offer and dedicate this pine forest for both your grandfathers. i love you so much and here is my big HUG for you. with all my love.

  4. Arezo says:

    Wow! amazing. Thank you dear. You gave me goosebumps. I sang it with you.

    This is a Persian liberation song, unity and struggle for freedom.

    One item on this pages surpasses the others. I have since Monday been depending on this page. I’m back and check the page several times a day. This page gives me lots of energy and many tears of joy.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Roony, Michal For starting this and all others here who make this coming a great success.

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