Tel Aviv loves Tehran



I was born and grew up in Iran, Tehran. I moved 4persianhottiesto Sweden 7 years ago. I met amazing people since I moved here and found many friends from all over the world, among them my Spanish, Australian and Israeli friends. Before I met him, I didn’t know that much about Israel.  We have so much in common to talk about and it’s always fun to be with him.

Our dream is to see peace and freedom in Israel, Iran and rest of the world.

With lots of love
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  • تهران سکسی
  • عکس سکسی مامانم شهوانی/

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  1. sohrab says:

    سلام خوبیییییییییییی

  2. ارشیا says:

    عجب سینه هایی داری اومدی ایران میخوام اگه پرده داری بزنم.
    شمارم هم اینه 09117053237
    اون کس و کونت رو من گاییدم با کیرم

  3. alireza says:

    salam khili khosgli mahnaz

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