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ג'חנון מול הים, תל אביב

We stumbled upon The secret Jachnun (ג’חנון מול הים) by accident on a cloudy Saturday morning and we felt like we discovered some kind of underground secret stash of baby unicorns in the middle of Tel Aviv, basically it’s a place where they do Jachnun delivery, but you can also sit and eat there, but first you need to find it which is not a trivial task in this case.

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Bread story ברד סטורי

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Bread story tel aviv cafe

On Dizzengoff street not far from Dizzengoff center you could find “bread story” , bread kitchen and bakery that bakes their own special breads. and everything comes with bread, all dishes are baked and not fried  bread & breakfast, bread and salads, Salmon muffin, Shakshuka, chicken sandwich with curry bread and more. great place for breakfast but not only.

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Waffle bar Ibn Gavirol וופל בר תל אביב

We must admit that the Waffle bar on Ibn gavirol is a fun experience that we didn’t expect, the menu is not your classical Israeli breakfast and eggs or pasta with chicken, it’s Belgian waffles, French Crepe, banana and vanilla ice cream, sweet crepes, salty crepes, toasted laffa wraps, sweet salads, fondu, Yogurt, milkshakes and even shakshuka, it’s the Disney land of restaurants in Tel Aviv.
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Zaguri זגורי

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Zaguri Moroccan Sandwich

A tiny niche on Dizengoff st hides a Moroccan sandwich place, unlike  many restaurants Zaguri has a real classical home made authentic Moroccan sandwiches , bread, sauces and flavors.

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Sura-Mara-Tel-Aviv סורה מארה

SuraMare  drinks & happy food (סורה מארה)  is a new culinary  restaurant and a rooftop cocktail bar, just the view of the city is a good reason to visit SuraMare. culinary kitchen and cocktail bars are not what you expect when entering the parking lot which leads to the elevator. The more experienced nightlifers in Tel aviv should remember the same place in it’s previous lifetime named “the Gag” (the rooftop) but then it was a mega bar/dance bar for 24+ and not a restaurant for 40+ .

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HaMiznon המזנון

Hamiznon (המזנון) by Eyal Shani brings you “Gourmet” in a pita, well it’s a refreshing idea to but a burger in a pita and it works great. Hamiznon (the buffet) serves food in a typical Israeli way – inside a pita, you can get kebab, chicken, chicken liver and burgers. and for 5 Shekel you can drink Gazoz. Shani already brought a similar concept in port said on Allenby street but Hamiznon is the first time he focuses his food in pita.

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