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Hevruta Social food is a new concept for high quality street food and you decide how much the profit should be, the basic price for each product is their cost, and the buyer decides if and how much more they would like to pay.
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  •  pizzeria on ben gurion and dizengoff in tel aviv
  •  חברותא תל אביב tel aviv דיזינגוף

  •  fast food restaurant with bullet glass
  •  feeli


Coockizza restaurant

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  •  zou bisou בן יהודה 38

  •  akshai valibal saheli zanan
  •  hayarkon tel aviv lunch kosher


Piazza Italian wine bar Dizengoff 99 פיאצה מסעדה איטקלית ובר יין דיזנגוף

קפה פיאצה

5 stars – based on 5reviews
דיזנגוף 99 תל אביב, ישראל, 65816

בפיאצה מרגישים בבית – Feeling at home at Piazza.
Categories:Italian wine bar Price Range: 50-170NIS/ש”ח.

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  •  דיזנגוף 99 מועדון
  •  פיאצה-מסעדה דיזינגוף

blackout בלאק אאוט מסעדת חושך

“Black out” is a a restaurant in Jaffa port next to “na lagaat” (please touch) theater, the waiters are blind and you will eat in total darkness.

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  •  blind kosher restaurant yaffo
  •  tel aviv blackout


Nanuchka ( בר מסעדה גרוזינית ננוצ’קה) a bar restaurant with a Georgian style. Read more

  •  nanuchka on lilinblum St om/?mid=10006&form=BLXBSH&IIG=e5f9a65869de4437a1bf608365362208&kval=1 1&appns=mSERP&cutc=1353756381120

Haachim האחים אבן גבירול 12
Haachim (the brothers , Hebrew: “האחים”) is an authentic yet adapted Israeli restaurant.  Read more
  •  מסעדה האחים אבן גבירול
  •  haachim restaurant tel aviv


Hashdera 34 restaurant

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  •  hashdera 34 tel aviv restaurant
  •  hashdera delivery


Container Club in Jaffa port, live music, restaurant  and sea breeze.

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