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Iran back in 1979, shows the life of people in Iran in a very different way then today. their life is all glamour and glory on the outside but on the inside things look a bit different, extra busy business men with no time to for their amazing wifes, it’s should all be a lesson for men that forget valentine’s day.

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I’m the one of those people who dances Dub-step alone in my room, who likes men in blue jeans, who mocks the things that loves the most and tries the food that dislikes just to check again. I love  Al Pacino in ‘Scar face’ and I’m an art student. Socially lazy and honest. Barcelona has turned me into a outgoing person, but I still consider myself sensible and caring to some point.
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Kabul is hosting a peace meeting . I want to say on behalf of all Kurdish citizens that we love Israel, Iran, Syria, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, China and Russia. You are welcome in my country. Read more

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