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Born & raised in Shiraz! I spent my summers as a youth with my extended family and relatives in Tehran, and feel very close to my large family.  Read more

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Capture d’écran تصاویر سکسی

My blue eyes and blond hair combined with my skinny, super tall and body! Beyond fun, I believe the first noticeable things about me are my sensual  smile, my politeness, my lustful optimism and my helpfulness! Oh, and that I am very calm :), I dream that one day all countries will be one and we all live in peace and friendship. Read more

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Visiting Iran Is a dream I have for a long long tome now!

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modeling bikini in Tehran

I dream that one day I could come model in Tehran, Read more

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Farsi model
I’m the one of those people who dances Dub-step alone in my room, who likes men in blue jeans, who mocks the things that loves the most and tries the food that dislikes just to check again.

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تصویر سکسی ایرانی

I’m full of compassionate feelings and love, so it’s easy for me  to give almost anything to my surroundings, I’m originally from the Iran Isfahan, and have been in NYC for six years.  Read more

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فارسی سکسی

Uprising star
22 years old

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I’m from Al duqqi, I love this campaign and I’ll tell you why I believe it is going to be a success. Read more

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Irani girl modeling
Bikini model
Bikini girl - شلوار شنا سکسی

I’m a city girl, with a love for the country–easily lured by a good road trip (the remnants of route 66 are incomparable), far off places (a few countries a year) nearby adventures Read more

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Women from Yemen
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